Young community hospital doctors hold line of defense against virus in Wuhan

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, China: Young doctors fresh out of medical schools in some of Wuhan’s community medical centers are taking on some big responsibilities on their shoulders in the battle against the spreading novel coronavirus.

These are medical workers all born after 1995, stationed in community hospitals, screening suspected cases with nucleic acid tests in the epicenter of the outbreak.

Twenty-three-year-old Duan Bowen is one of them. He’d come to Changfeng Street community medical service center for less than a month when the virus broke out. Duan and another young colleague volunteered for the nucleic acid test sampling work, which involves considerable risks as they often have patients sneezing on their protective gear when taking saliva or mucus samples that potentially caring the virus.

“Some of our doctors are in advanced age. So I say send us, we are young,” said Duan.

“Sampling has the highest risk, but he say ‘it’s alright. I’m not afraid. I’m young and physically in my prime’. So he’s always the first in line to take on the sampling task,” said Cui Chun, deputy director of the community medical service center.

Changfei Street is a neighborhood of about 130,000 residents. He and his colleagues together have collected close to 1,200 samples. On his busiest day, Duan took 182 samples.

Senior staff in the medical center say that they sometimes worry these young colleagues, who have grown up in a comfortable surroundings, now suddenly being tested in a harsh environment.

Young as they might be, these medical workers are growing strong through a brave fight to defend the people’s health.

“We all cried when we first left home. But now it’s alright. We all can keep up with it,” said Qin Ying, a young nurse at the medical center.

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