Young Algerians developed an intelligent disinfection tunnel to curb spread of Covid-19

EYEAFRICA TV: Algiers, Algeria: Four young architects and civil engineers, members of the United Volunteer Facebook community Nassim, Nacer, Hocine and Lotfi, from the eastern city of Batna in Algeria, have developed an intelligent disinfection tunnel in just four days to cope with the spread of Covid-19.

The tunnel was designed in less than a week, this innovation will be made available to hospitals and firefighters. The designers have put online the manufacturing process for this device so that it can be reproduced.

The Ayan project of United Volunteers has been at once reproduced around social networks, causing a real interest from the local authorities in particular. The principle of installing a disinfection module at the entrance to health structures and fire stations is highly supported by the authorities.

The Batna Health Department had first ordered the construction of 20 tunnels which will be installed throughout the region.

Soundbite by Nassim Chérif: “We could have gone faster, but we were hampered by shortages of certain elements due to the closure of all businesses,” said Nassim Chérif, who is also an eco-entrepreneur. The idea for this tunnel came to us when watching a video of a similar model installed on the street in Turkey.

“I transferred this video which I thought was interesting to my friend Nacer. After a few minutes, he sent me a message asking me to do the same. We talked about the feasibility of the project and then we decided to put form the team and start developing the prototype. We have thought of a safe and simple way to help caregivers and civil defense personnel protect themselves from the coronavirus. This is how the Ayan Protect adventure began. “Ayan” means “One” in the Targui language, the project therefore refers to the concept of initial protection”.

“We were contacted by the officials of the prefecture, the health authorities and the civil protection command. We are satisfied because several production operations have been launched in several regions of the country. The goal of setting up dozens of tunnels in each wilaya can be reached within a month”.

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