Xi says China will continue to support Africa in COVID-19 battle, capacity building

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: China stands ready to continue support for African countries in their battle against COVID-19 epidemic and help Africa improve its capacity of disease prevention and control, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday in a phone call with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Xi recalled that after the epidemic broke out in China, the South African government and various sections of the South African society conveyed via multiple means their sympathies with and support for China.

“Comradeship plus brotherhood” marks the special friendship between the two countries and two ruling parties, Xi said.

China firmly supports South Africa’s endeavor in COVID-19 fight, Xi said, adding his country will continue to offer help within its capacity to South Africa in line with the latter’s needs, share its experience in the epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen cooperation in health care.

Xi expressed confidence that under the leadership of Ramaphosa, the South African government will achieve positive outcomes from its anti-epidemic measures.

“We encourage Chinese nationals in South Africa to proactively support South Africa’s anti-epidemic action and hope that the South African government attaches great importance to and protect their safety, health and legitimate rights and interests,” Xi said.

China is willing to enhance political mutual trust with South Africa, understand and support each other on issues concerning the other side’s core interests and major concerns, promote bilateral cooperation for more progress, and strengthen cooperation within such frameworks as the BRICS and the G20, Xi said.

Xi stressed that China and South Africa are good brothers who share weal and woe.

The Chinese side has been following the epidemic situation in Africa and provided batches of anti-epidemic assistance for the African Union and all African countries that have diplomatic ties with China, Xi said.

Experts from both sides have held video conferences for several times, and many Chinese enterprises, local and non-governmental organizations have also provided anti-epidemic supplies, Xi added.

Xi said that China stands ready to continue support for African countries, accelerate the building of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention, enhance China-Africa cooperation on public health and disease prevention and control, and help Africa improve its capacity in this regard.
Xi called for the international community to uphold the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, strengthen solidarity, coordination and cooperation, and resolutely contain the spread of the epidemic, so as to protect people’s safety and health.

Xi said China is willing to work with South Africa to implement the outcomes of the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19, promote international cooperation on epidemic prevention and control, and safeguard public health in Africa and around the world.

On his part, Ramaphosa said China took effective measures in controlling the spread of the virus and set an example for other countries, and thanked China for the continued support to South Africa in various aspects, particularly the assistance China provided in combating the coronavirus. He said South Africa is willing to work closely with China to implement the consensus of the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19, promoting international cooperation, as well as furthering bilateral and Africa-China relations.

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