Wuli livestock owners unite against a man accused of consistent livestock theft

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Several people in Upper River Region (URR) Wuli East District and livestock owners said they are now uniting against a man who they accused of stealing their cattle and selling the meat in Senegal and within URR.

Residents of the district told Eye Africa on Monday that Amadou Gajigo has been stealing their cattle and he has been telling them several times that no one can do anything to him; not even the police.

“We have applied every mean to address this man’s issue. We have reported the matter to the police and yet nothing is done about it. We do not want to take the law into our hands but if the matter continue to persist without the people or the authorities doing nothing, we will be forced to take our own initiative to address it,” he said.

Cattle theft is one of the most familiar crimes in Upper River Region. Last month, cattle owners in the Region decried the widespread stealing of their livestock, saying thieves now come in gangs to steal their properties.

They said the unfortunate part of the issue is that after they report such theft cases to the Police, nothing will be done about it.

“Amadou alone cannot hold us all at ransom while he continue to go scot free each time he steal our cattle,” Alagie Salifu Jawo from Sareh Modou Jawo told Eye Africa.

Mr Jawo said each time one of them lost his cattle, their only accused person Amadou Gajigo would come and ask them to pay him D1, 000 for each bull and he would bring the livestock back.

“The entire district is not happy about this matter and we are not also happy about the way the police are handling it. We have been called by the station officer of Sareh Ngai Police station tomorrow which many people are insisting that we boycott because since the commencement of the problem, nothing is done about it.”

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