Wuhan sets up over 500 quarantine locations to curb cross infection

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, central China: China’s Wuhan City has set up over 500 quarantine locations, mostly converted from hotels and school dormitories, to accommodate people needing observation for 14 days.

One of the quarantine locations in Hanyang District receives people who have close contacts with confirmed cases. The location has 200 rooms and already accommodated 116 people. There are two doctors, three nurses and two workers from local epidemic control department.

People who need quarantine will get thorough disinfection and have body temperature checked before moving in.

To avoid cross infection, people all have their own rooms. They also have their own consultants to report their conditions every day.

“We sent them here today and we tell them our phone numbers. If they have a fever or need any help, they can call us at any time. We will then inform our community secretary and transfer the patient to other designated place,” said Yang Kai, a community worker.

The quarantine locations all have Internet service so people can use their electronic equipment as at home. Students in quarantine can listen to their classes online and talk with friends when they feel lonely.

“I have chats with my classmates and friends. So I’m not [lonely.] I brought my phone and listen to classes online,” said a man in quarantine.

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