Wuhan resident Lei and his family after infected with COVID-19

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China: The number of newly infected people released every day does not tell the story of many potentially infected people who will require quarantine observation as a result. Lei Dexue, a resident in central Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, is one of those who were infected with COVID-19.

The 49-year-old Lei and his wife started to have fever on Jan 19. They came to Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital to take chest CTs on Jan 24.

Three days had passed, they were still waiting for news of their diagnosis.

“My wife is under serious condition now, much more severe than me. (The hospital) kept her CT scan and said she can only be treated after diagnosis,” he told the reporter outside the hospital.

Lei’s family belongs to the suspected infection and should be immediately quarantined for observation. However, the medical resources in Wuhan during the outbreak are extremely scarce.

“We understand the difficulty our country is facing. We can’t be diagnosed, but her condition is getting worse,” he added.

On Jan 30, he was diagnosed with the virus and treated in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, while his wife was under watch in the hospital.

Lei was the first confirmed case in Yingnan community in Qiaokou District, a community of 1,746 households with a population of over 4,000.

After learning of Lei’s diagnosis, the community staff immediately took measures, including disinfecting the building he lives, to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

“Yes, we feel panic after he told us. Then we stepped up the publicity in our WeChat group; everyone stayed at home. We have separated two elevators, telling people which one Lei’s family uses and which one other people can use. We also wrote a note for those people who missed group message,” said a staff member.

The community staff also did disinfection at Lei’s home where only his 76-year-old mother lives in.

They also helped the elderly woman test temperature. Fortunately, she wasn’t infected.

Speaking of his son’s illness, she said that “There are doctors, now I’m fine.”

The family doctor and community staff left their phone numbers respectively, both asking her to call them if she needs any help.

The grid member Zhou Xiangheng, Lei’s family belongs to, had been tracking his situation.

“In the morning, I saw the couple ride an electric car to the nearest clinic. He said he went to get one more injection after bringing down the fever,” Zhou recalled the days before Lei was admitted to the hospital.

Besides Lei’s mother, his daughter Junior Lei was another close contract.

On Jan 23, the day when Wuhan adopted urban control, also eight days before Lei was diagnosed, Junior Lei left home and lived in a friend’s home in Dongxihu District to isolate herself by strong request of her parents.

“Yes, because my parents had fever symptoms, so I came here out of safety concerns, ” she said in front of her friend’s home on Jan 31.

“We ventilate and disinfect everyday. You can see that through our communication,” she added.

Junior Lei recalled why she left home to isolate herself in her friend’s house.

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