Wuhan ready to resume outbound public transport service to end 76-day lockdown

EYEAFRICA TV: Hubei,China: Wuhan, the Chinese city hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak, is ready to resume all outbound public transport services after a lockdown of 76 days.

On Jan 23 when Hubei reported nearly 444 confirmed cases with most of them in Wuhan, the central China city shut down outbound ways of airport and railways and services of bus, subway, ferry and inter-city bus so as to curb the spread of COVID-19.

With the situation in China is easing, Wuhan, the worst-hit city of COVID-19 outbreak is set to lift city lockdown.

Flight MU 2527 of China Eastern Airlines will be the first flight to take off from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport carrying passengers to Sanya City, south China’s Hunan Province.

In tightening epidemic prevention and control, the airport will require passengers to have body temperature checked and provide travel information in 14 days.

“We are implementing over 200 flights with around 10,000 passengers on April 8. As more steps including QR code scanning and temperature check will be conducted, I advise outbound passengers to arrive at airport earlier than scheduled,” said Jiang Shun, deputy head of Hubei Administration of Civil Aviation Administration of China.

At a highway toll station, police officers were seen on Tuesday removing road barricades with more to be removed from 00:00 Wednesday.

“Months early, we set up barricade to lock the road as an isolation measure, which will be totally removed in the afternoon of today, only leaving the temporarily-set up road cons and warning lights as they are easy to remove,” said Liu Yukun, police officer.

The coach stations in the city have already set up two temperature checking points on the way before passengers getting on coach.

“Passenger will sit every other rows to distance each other. We only reopen the lines running inside the province with provincial lines still suspended, so we will recover about 30 percent of capacity,” said He Juan, deputy director of Hongji Coach Station.

Starting from April 8, Wuhan will resume 30 more bus lines, accounting for 70 percent of the entire network. Besides, 78 percent of rail transit lines of entire network will be resumed.

Meanwhile, disinfection work has been earnestly carried out at ferry terminal.

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