Wuhan comes to life again after stay-at-home restriction lifted

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China: The central Chinese city of Wuhan has come to life again as people who had been locked down for 11 weeks are coming out to enjoy the sunshine starting from Wednesday.

In the famous East Lake, people were seen out to enjoy the landscapes and spring blossoms.

“Now everything has come to life and people are out and moving about. I feel gradually coming out of the darkness into the light that has brightened up our hearts,” said Su Xue, staff member of the East Lake Greenway.

“To tell the truth, I haven’t been to my favorite East Lake for more than two months. I grew up by the lake. People of my father’s and grandfather’s generations have all lived here.I really love this place,” said Feng Yafei, another staff member of the East Lake Greenway.

“I really feel like that we’ve gone through the four seasons. I really feel the will power of the Wuhan people. I am sure Wuhan will regain its past vitality and vigor,” said Hu Haiyan, a kindergarten teacher.

“I want to plant a little sampling and water it. I’ve brought water,” said a little boy.

China on Wednesday lifted outbound travel restrictions on Wuhan, the city hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outbreak, ending a lockdown that sealed off around 10 million people from the rest of the world for 76 days.

The easing of travel restrictions came after new infections have been drastically reduced across China, marking a milestone in the country’s fight against the epidemic.

After barricades were removed at toll gates around Wuhan at Tuesday midnight, vehicles in long lines honked horns and rushed out, in an outpouring of celebratory sentiment at the long-awaited moment.

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