Wuhan airport conducts disinfection to prepare for reopening

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China: Disinfection work at Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan City, central China’s Hubei Province, began on Friday afternoon to prepare for its reopening after being closed for more than two months amid the COVID-19 epidemic.

Under the guidance of experts in environment and epidemic prevention, 160 firefighters will disinfect nearly 500,000 square meters’ areas in the airport, covering the terminal, the parking lot and some other areas.

The airport began to suspend its passenger flight service on Jan 23 as part of the city’s epidemic control efforts, but it continued to transfer medical supplies and medical teams amid the epidemic outbreak.

On Friday afternoon, a medical team with more than 170 members from east China’s Zhejiang Province left Wuhan via the airport.

Apart from the disinfection work, the airport has also made many other preparations for its reopening, such as maintaining and testing equipment, stockpiling epidemic prevention supplies.

More than 99 percent employees of the airport have come back to work. And it is expected to resume domestic passenger flight service on April 8.

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