Witness accuses Jammeh of giving directives on every step of witch-hunters

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Alagie Masanneh Camara, a native of Sintet village in Foni Jarrol district has accused former President Yahya Jammeh of being responsible of their predicaments as he was the one who gave every directive to the witch-hunters.
Testifying before the TRRC at its public hearing in Sibanorr on Wednesday, on Mr Jammeh’s 2009 witch-hunting exercise, Mr Camara said Jammeh called the witch-hunters on phone and asked them if all the materials needed for their wok was available, which included charcoal, matches, coal pot, herb powder and kerosene.
“I heard a voice on phone at the place we were told to converge and it was Yahya Jammeh’s. He said they should pour the kerosene on the coal pot and light the fire and put the herb leaves into it and introduce smoke into the crowd,” Mr Camara said.
He alleged that the village Alkalo, under the command of the president announced that witch-hunters were supposed to come to the village to identify witches and wizards and capture them. He said Mr Jammeh had deceived them because all they taught was that something helpful was coming to them from him.
The witness continue on saying that every move and step taken by the witch hunters was a directive from Mr Jammeh which was done through phone call. He said the witch-hunters will indiscriminately point out people in the crowd and identify them as witches and wizards.
Mr Camara said a week after the smoking of people, Solo Bojang and his people came to give concoction to those identified as witches and wizards, saying they were acting under the orders of the president Yahya Jammeh.
He said the when the team entered the village, they started going from compound to compound, abducting people they suspect were witches and wizards.
He said he has close connection with Mr Jammeh until he was given the name was ‘APRC’ by Jammeh himself. He said he –Jammeh- once warned him through Solo Bojang, to be careful of the man he was sitting with who was Mustapha Fanneh, saying he is more than a wizard and can kill within seconds.

Story written by Isatou S Tamba

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