Witch-Hunting Exercise: 90-year-old Woman narrates ordeals in the hands of witch-hunters

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A 90-year-old woman from Kombo South village of Jambur, said Gambian former President Yahya Jammeh’s witch hunters forcefully dragged her from the shop where she was selling peanuts and make her to drink the concoction that caused her life-threatening illness.
Testifying before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission public hearing in Jambur on Wednesday, in connection with her experience in Mr Jammeh’s 2009 witch-hunting exercise, a Sirreh Bojang said she has been battling with illness since she drank the concoction in 2009 to date.
Mrs. Bojang, who said she spent a night in Kololi with the witch-hunters, said from the moment she drink the medicine, she immediately started to experience stomach pain which she is still suffering from.
Ma Sirreh told Commissioners that they will be beaten if they refuse to drink the concoction. “Yes, they forced us to drink it and they filled the cup up to the brim and asked us to drink it. They beat you if you refuse to drink it.”
She said she is still suffering from the effects of the concoction because people normally say that she is a wizard.
The truth reconciliation and reparations commission began investigation into exiled former president Yahya Jammeh’s witch-hunting exercise.

Story written by Juldeh Njie

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