Whoever “breaks” quarantine will be sanctioned: Angolan Minister of Health

EYEAFRICA TV: Luanda, Angola: Citizens coming from Lisbon, on Wednesday, and placed in quarantine at home, may be compulsorily isolated in appropriate fields if they leave the house before the 14 days stipulated to comply with the preventive measures to Covid-19

In a very popular press conference, the Minister of Health, announced several measures to prevent covid-19. Silvia Lutucuta, also said, that so far, there are no cases of covid-19 in the Angola.

“I can state categorically that in Angola, there are no citizens who have been affected with covid-19, although we have already screened more than 150 people, so I can say that all those suspected cases of coronavirus, samples were taken and none accused positive, the health of the people comes first, hence the need for the executive to inform the population about everything that is happening in our country,” said Silvia Lutucuta.

At this moment, 18 passengers who came from countries with coronavirus contamination, are quarantined in Calumbo, so we know the status of each one.

“In this contingency plan, we are working with all the governments of each province, and we have had good responses, as you know, we have created a quarantine area for the country, we have to be prepared, it is true that until now we have had no case in Angola , we are more prepared, especially in the logistics part,” Silvia Lutucuta said.

The Minister of Health also said that in Angola, there are 7 suspected cases of covid-19, more that are being well monitored and the results of these tests will soon be known. as for the passenger who arrived from Portugal last Wednesday, the minister said they will stay in quarantine, The Minister also said, All those who do not comply with the quarantine will be forcibly taken to this location

“In case of non-compliance, these citizens will be located through a mapping and taken to the existing quarantine centers on a mandatory basis” The Quarantine can be in institutions created or at home. Due to the fact that the country is not able to serve about 300 people in the places reserved for this purpose, it was decided to use the domicile,” Silvia Lutucuta added.

To maintain vigilance and ensure that recommendations are followed, he said, the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Ministry of Interior created a team to respond to the personal needs of the citizens involved.

The official recalled that in relation to infection caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the country has a multisectoral contingency plan to implement and thus mitigate the possible complications of this pathology.

“By this time, 18 travelers were registered in the quarantine centers, some because they expressed a worrying clinical condition and others ending the time of institutionalized observation, I can said that, Angolan government will keep all in touch and well informed,” Silvia Lutucuta stressed.

The prevention committee for the new Coronavirus, he reassured, is working to ensure the necessary logistics in case of the appearance of the disease, and hospitals nationwide are sensitized to create areas of isolation.

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