Victims Center Chairman says APRC activities are threat to Gambia’s peace and stability

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Board chairman of Gambia Center for Victims of Human Right Violations, Sheriff M. Kijera said APRC party activities are posing threat to the peace and stability in The Gambia.

Mr Kijera said it is because of the threat the former ruling party is posing to the country’s security, they are recommending the government to ban or suspend it.

Last Thursday, the former President’s party militants protested in demand for his return to the country and for the UN, AU and Ecowas to respect the agreement they heard with him during a negotiation after the 2016 presidential election impasse in which he lost power.

According to Mr Kijera, the center is not protesting to stop Jammeh from coming but to ensure that he will be prosecuted and not left as a free man.

“We are not against his right to come back as a Gambian but he dared not come back without being arrested.”

Aisha Jammeh, an executive member of the center said the same political party that enabled Jammeh to stifle, torture and kill their loved ones for 22 years, was given permit to protest for the return of the most cruel and inhumane dictator who victimized the entire Gambia.

She said they look forward to the support of all CSOs, NGOs and the national and international partners in ensuring that the TRRC recommendations are implemented by the Barrow Administration.

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