UTG facing inadequate classrooms, office space challenge- Governing Council chairman

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Chairman of the University of The Gambia governing council said even though they have embarked on series of activities to tackle the challenges of the university, many other challenges still remain, including inadequate classrooms, and space for offices which continue to hamper the development of the institution.

Addressing the 2019 graduates during the University’s 12th convocation over the weekend, Matthew Ndure said the challenges have forced the governing council to resort to taking extreme measures to surrender to the needs of the institution.

“We have resorted to take extreme measures like renting which inevitably multiplies the adverse effects of operating from many locations. The other measure is to succumb to the urgency of these needs and divert limited resources to build structures that would become redundant in the very near future when the Faraba site is inaugurated.”

Mr Ndure pleaded with the ministry of justice and the national assembly to finalise the passage of the regulation bill during the current year because a good legislative framework is of utmost importance in the quality assurance package of the university.

“We take the need for UTG’s full compliance with the NAQAA prescription and standards very seriously and the council have set up a framework for monitoring and ensuring compliance on regular basis. As the premiere institution of higher learning in the country, the UTG cannot but be the standard-bearer of high quality in its delivery system and product. In this regard, let me reiterate the governing council’s commitment to the development and maintenance of high standards in all spheres of its influence.”

In response, President Adama Barrow said the Government is committed to supporting and strengthening the UTG in order to enhance their contribution towards establishing a viable and flourishing nation that is built on a new model of democracy and good governance.

Specifically, we will continue to support and strengthen the UTG, as well as other institutions of learning, in the areas of research, teaching and community service. Our fervent wish is that the core activities of the University include due focus on research, data collection and exchange of information and data on all aspects of human endeavour.  Particularly, relevant to our democracy are Human Rights and allied issues.”

The president said the need is urgent for policy makers to engage academics, and benefit from their practice and knowledge to ensure that they entrench their expertise into policy formulation processes and implementation for optimum performance and results.

He said for this reason, academic freedom and the independence of The University will be safeguarded to enhance research and unbiased learning and teaching processes, which are central to the mandate of all institutions of higher learning.

Written by Juldeh Njie 

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