UN: Modi Reflects On India's Climate Change Battle

EYEAFRICA TV: New Delhi, India: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India’s commitment to fighting climate change, pointing to the fact that the country’s contribution to global warming is very low.
India is one of the leading nations when it comes to taking steps to addressing this issue.
He argued that the gains of his country follow a good pace. “If you look at it from a historic and per capita emission perspective, India’s contribution to global warming is very low.”
In his address at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, on Friday, Modi stressed that Indi has on multiple occasions pushed for peace.
”Mr. President, the largest number of supreme sacrifices made by any country for the UN peace keeping missions is from India. We belong to a country that has given the world not war but Buddha’s message of peace”, he said.
His speech came amid tensions between India and Pakistan over the region of Kashmir. Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir has been on lockdown since the beginning of August, when India stripped the region of its autonomous status.
A curfew, restrictions on travel, communications and movement were imposed. The move sparked outrage in Pakistan, which responded by cutting off diplomatic and economic ties with India.

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