Ugandan Election: Museveni wins 6th term in office extending his 35 year rule

EYEAFRICA: Kampala, UGANDA:- Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has won 6th term in office, following a tense presidential and parliamentary elections amid increasing tension and internet shutdown.

The final provisional results announced by the electoral commission on Saturday showed Museveni winning 58.64% of the votes. His major rival Bobi Wine received 34.83%.

Bobi Wine, an opposition frontrunner claimed widespread irregularities and fraud but the electoral commission dismissed those allegations calling the former pop star to present proofs.

Museveni, a former guerrilla commander who came to power in 1986, amended the constitution in 2019 to allow him to run for a sixth five-year term.

Wine, who became an MP in 2017, argued the long-serving leader could not offer the change that Uganda’s youth demand as the East African nation grapples with high unemployment.

The United States and the European Union did not deploy observer teams, but the U.S. State Department’s top diplomat for Africa, Tibor Nagy, said in a tweet early on Saturday that the “electoral process has been fundamentally flawed”.

Meanwhile, the African Union (AU), has sent monitors, along with an AU women’s group.

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