Ugandan businessperson uses technology to stay in business

EYEAFRICA TV: Kampala, Uganda: As the Covid-19 lock down dawns in on day two, accessibility to social services like food markets and health facilities has become hard. This has given room for delivery service providers to bridge the gap between suppliers and their customers.

We followed Shanita Sheila a youthful entrepreneur based in Kisaasi, who started her delivery business in January leveraging the opportunities her smart phone presented to her.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, movement and access to services in Kampala has been challenged. This is the opportunity that Sheila used to render her door to door delivery services.

Sheila advertises her services on Facebook and WhatsApp to her contacts. She then receives the clients’ orders a day before on the same platforms, which she then uses as reference when batching the commodities she buys.

Since January this year, she has grown to have an average of 4 to 5 orders a day. She credits the capabilities of her smart phone for allowing her to work with a small team.

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