UDP Spokesperson: Sheriffo Sonko and the expelled 2 Councilors are no longer useful to us

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: United Democratic Party’s spokesperson, Almami Fafanding Taal said the Party’s decision to expel Brikama Area Council chairperson, Sheriffo Sonko and two other councilors was because they have not been fulfilling their role as members of the party in their region.

The party sacked Mr Sonko on March 27, alongside Jambur ward councilor Modou Bojang and Nema-Kunku ward councilor Bilal Faal following its West Coast Region executive committee recommendation on the basis that they no longer represent the interest of the party.

Mr Taal told Eye Africa’s Wednesday Good Morning Africa Show that the three expelled men have not being representing the party’s interest and have not been fulfilling their roles in West Coast Region.

United Democratic Party’s spokesperson, Almami Fafanding Taal

‘They do not participate in any of our activities in West Coast Region. This is a voluntary organization. They are expelled and no longer part of our party because they are no more useful to us.’

He said they have used every possible back channel to persuade the three men to understand that if they belong to a party, they are required to follow the rule, saying even with their expulsion, they have enough members who can lead the party.

The UDP party has been in opposite corners with Chairman Sonko for a longtime after he maintained what many called his loyalty to president Adama Barrow against the party’s wish.

He was once quoted as saying that he would never walk against a sitting president, referring to president Barrow, who was one-time an executive member of the UDP but resigned in 2016 to lead the coalition that defeated former president Yahya Jammeh in that year’s election.

United Democratic Party Presidential and National Assembly Election Results from 1996 to 2016

Spokesperson Taal said UDP is a party that operates on rules and regulations and they will not allow anyone to break those by-laws even though membership and participation is voluntary based.

The United Democratic Party was founded in 1996, led by human rights lawyer Ousainou Darboe as Secretary General.

Mr Darboe was jailed in April 2016 alongside others after organising a protest in demand for electoral reforms in opposition to the ruling government of then president Yahya Jammeh.

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