U.S. official's vicious comments reveal arrogance, fear: Chinese FM spokesman

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: The comments of United States Secretary of State Pompeo that have viciously attacked the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government, only reveal arrogance and fear, and reflect an anti-Communism mindset, according to the spokesman with Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.
Geng Shuang, the spokesman, made the remarks at a regular press conference, responding to Pompeo who said on Wednesday that the CPC is hostile to the U.S. as well as American values, which brings challenge to the U.S. and the whole world, while giving a speech in New York city.
“The speech made by Pompeo is a vicious attack on the CPC and the Chinese government, attempting to sow discord between the CPC and the Chinese people. It deliberately distorted and smeared China’s domestic and foreign policy, and fully exposed the deep-rooted political prejudice and the malicious anti-Communism mindset of a small group of U.S. politicians. Such remarks never show confidence and strength, but in fact the arrogance and fear,” said Geng.
Justice will prevail over evil, said the Chinese official, who stressed that any attempt to smear China and stop China’s development will only end up in vain.
“During the past 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), China has produced remarkable development achievements under the strong leadership of the CPC. As China’s circle of friends keep expanding, Chinese people will unswervingly adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and continue to achieve more new success. Justice will prevail over evil. Any attempt to slander or smear China and to disrupt China’s stable development will be in vain and is doomed to failure,” said the spokesman.
He urged the U.S. official to pull in the same direction with China and, in a spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, control differences and promote bilateral relations.
“The past and the present have fully attested that China and the U.S. will gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation, while mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences is the right path for countries to get along with each other. We urge the U.S. official to make self reflection and correct the mistake, stop the words and conducts that impair the China-U.S. relations, go toward the same direction with China, follow the principle and direction agreed up by the heads of state of the two countries, control differences on the basis of mutual respect, expand cooperation based on shared benefits, and jointly advance China-U.S. relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability,” said the Chinese spokesman.

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