U.S. not shows China enough respect, says expert

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: The United States under President Donald Trump is not showing China enough respect while itself calls for mutual respect in dealing with bilateral relations, an expert commented on Thursday in Beijing.
In a TV program of China Global Television Network(CGTN), Victor Gao Zhikai, Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization and current affairs commentator, said U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s speech on Thursday showed some improvements in tones but overall, was still full of hostility against China.
“He was a little bit more positive than last year for example, talking about the trade war between the two countries, and possibility of reaching an impartial, or partial trade agreement for example, this was positive. And I think it will be well taken care in China,” said Gao.
However, Pence’s posture of hostility against China is not that welcomed in China.
“When he said mutual respect, come on, the United States under President Donald Trump is not showing China enough respect,” said Gao.
In his speech, Pence smeared China that its achievements are results of “intellectual property theft.” Gao refuted such ridiculous ideas.
“The Chinese people and the Chinese government made all these great achievements because they worked extra hard. It was not because China did things wrong for example, especially to the detriment of United States. The United States needs to improve its working style, and productivity and efficiency significantly really in order to keep its global leadership role,” said Gao.
He at last reminded the U.S. that “China fundamentally is not a threat to the United States at all.”

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