Turkey hosts 5 million asylum seekers, President Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Turkey is hosting 5 million asylum seekers fleeing conflict, starvation and persecution. Syrians comprising 73% of the asylum seekers.
“3 million 650 thousand of the asylum seekers in our country are from Syria. In other words, the number of Syrian brothers and sisters that we are hosting on our soil reaches half of New York City’s population,” he said.
“Turkey is today the most generous country in terms of humanitarian aid, taking into consideration the ratio of Turkish official humanitarian assistance to its gross domestic product.”
In terms of monetary spending, Erdoğan said his government spent 40 billion Dollars on asylum seekers in the last eight years. Unfortunately, we were left alone in our self-giving efforts towards asylum seekers, he noted.

According to him, in the first eight months of this year alone the country saved 32,000 irregular migrants from drowning at sea, while sending 58,000 irregular migrants, except Syrians, back to their countries.
“The number of Syrian children born in our territory has reached half a million.
“We provide them not only housing, but also essential services, especially in the areas of education and health. Unfortunately, the world public was only too quick to forget their survival journeys or the lives which were ended either in the dark waters of the Mediterranean Sea or against the security fences stretched to borders.”
With an active and humane foreign policy, he continued, Turkey embraces the world and humanity as it strives to find just solutions to problems. “It is not without a reason that Turkey has earned the titles of the most generous country in terms of humanitarian aid as well as of the country hosting the largest displaced persons in the world.”
The 3rd African Union-Turkey Partnership Summit to be organized in Turkey in 2020 constitutes another concrete example of our active and humane policy, he stated.

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