Tunisians expect much of their new president

EYEAFRICA TV: Tunis, Tunisia: The Tunisian people have high expectations towards the presidential election which concluded its second round on Sunday, hoping the new president will create a better society.
In total, 700 foreign observers and over 15,000 Tunisians were monitoring the election process. They were trained by the election authority, the civil society and the political parties.
“There are no irregularities. The voter turnout was low at the opening of the polling station. The security is guaranteed by the army and the police. The election was smooth in the morning,” Jalila Yousfi, an election observer, said in an interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN). A total of 7,065,885 voters are recorded in the electoral register.
Mourad Zheni, a voter, said the election is the only way to decide the future of the nation. “The situation is complicated in the country but voting is the only solution. This is how we decide the future of our children,” Zheni told the CGTN.
The voters also expressed their expectations towards the new president. “We dream of a better Tunisia. I hope the new president will eradicate terrorism from the country and create a favorable social climate,” said Mouna Bouazizi, a voter.
“The new president must serve the country and give priority to the national interest,” said Abdel Satar Selmi, another voter.
According to the Constitution, the Independent High Authority for Elections has three days after the election day to release official results.

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