Trust Bank challenges Commission indictment report, ready to head to Court

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Trust Bank Limited has challenged a Gambia government 93-pages report that indicts it alongside 13 other institutions and persons, including Nigerian owned Guaranty Trust bank for their dealings with former President Yahya Jammeh.
The bank said in a statement on Saturday that the indictment in the Commission of Inquiry report was more or less an allegation which it intend to challenge vigorously before a competent court. “It would therefore be unprofessional to comment on the matter at this time prior to a decision being made,” it said on Saturday.
Government released the dossier at the justice ministry on Friday, which was prepared based on the recommendations of the President Adama Barrow’s instituted Commission of Inquiry that probed into former President Yahya Jammeh and his close associates and institutions in connection to their financial dealings.
The bank says it can acknowledge that the Commission report is a complex and unprecedented matter that demands some explanation not only for its customers but also the general public.
Justice minister Abubacarr Tambadou announced at the release of the report that government had now decide to place a lien on Trust Bank and thirteen other institutions and persons.
The report indicate that Trust Bank is the exile former President Jammeh’s personal bank from 22 July 1994 to 21 January 2017 and it was involved in Mr. Jammeh’s financial dealings because it appeared to have been the office of the president commercial bank of choice for its operated accounts. It said the bank was also the choice for Mr. Jammeh’s Kanilai Family Farm (KFF) and Kanilai Group International (KGI) accounts.
It approved the Commission’s recommendation that I would be an unjust enrichment to allow trust bank to retain any income made by them in the illegal operations of the accounts it was management for Mr. Jammeh and his close institutions. It said the Contrail Bank of The Gambia should calculate all income earned by the bank from the account held there that is associated to Mr. Jammeh and refund to the State.
“Since the publication of the government’s position on the findings of the Janneh Commission, on Friday the 13th September 2019, Trust Bank continue to receive flurry of questions and reactions from our frenzied customers about the fate of the bank and how the matter will unfold for them,” the bank said.
But it said the good news is that it is allowed to conduct business as usual and that the report does not restrict its normal operations nor will it affect its customers in any form or shape.
“In that light, the Bank will continue to engage with the right authorities through our legal team in order to extricate our good name out of this. We would like to take this opportunity to inform our esteemed customers that there is absolutely nothing to worry about and also reassure them to continue to do business with.”
The bank said as a proudly Gambian bank, it places paramountcy in building on its legacy which it try to do by embracing best practices in banking in conducting and growing its business. “We do this whilst supporting government initiatives through our comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Program in the areas of Health, Education, Sports and Environment.”
It says since its incorporation in 1997, it’s have continued to collaborate with government and made significant impacts by touching the lives of the ordinary people across the length and breadth of The Gambia.

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