Toufah Jallow says her mum convinced her to take Jammeh’s offer

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: The former July 22 beauty pageant winner who accused Gambia’s exiled former President Yahya Jammeh of rape, Thursday told the country’s truth-seeking commission, TRRC that she had turned down Mr Jammeh’s offer on several occasions but her mother convinced her to take it.
Fatou Toufah Jallow said after winning the 22nd July 2014 student beauty pageant, she once received a call from a private number while she was at a movie setting around Senegambia, informing her that there is an event organized at statehouse to celebrate the president’s food self-sufficiency award.
She said she rejected the invitation but later received another call from Jimbe Jammeh, a then protocol officer at the president’s office who tried to convince her to go to statehouse because all the previous winners of the competition were going to be present, but she still insisted to going.
“I later received another call from her my mum that I should go but I still insisted, giving an excuse of being granted an opportunity to be part of a movie industry.”
According to Ms Jallow, her mother asked where she was so that she can come for her and drive her to statehouse which, she said she did. “Upon arrival at statehouse, I was welcome by a protocol officer named Isatou Barry and I was offered a seat,” she said.
Ms Jallow at the end of the event, she was taken into a room alongside others to wait for Mr Jammeh, who has gone to prayer, and shortly when he returned, he offered her a local medicine after knowing that she had menstrual crumbs which led to her late arrival at the event.
She said the same medicine was given to her to take home and each of the other girls were also given a bottle of the herbal medicine and some amount of money.
Ms Jallow said they were later called for a cutesy call at statehouse where ministers, the vice president and the president himself were present and they were congratulated by every speaker including the president himself. She said at end of that meeting, they were again given presents that include laptops, iPhones and some cash.

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