The Ndigal doctrine: Disciple says the Sering receives spiritual revelations from Allah

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: One of the followers of Muhamadou Bassirou Secka, the first Kaliph of Sheikh Muhamadou Habibulah Secka, alias Sheikh Ndigal of Kerr Mot Hali have spoke highly of the Sering –Marabout- saying he receives spiritual revelation from Allah.

Testifying before the TRRC on Wednesday, in connection to the arrest and detention of Sheikh Ndigal in October 2002 by Gambia’s former Yahya Jammeh-led government, Yunusa Ceesay also explained how the Ndigal doctrine replaced the Muslim five daily prayers with Zikarr (religious singing).

Mr Ceesay, who is the chief executive officer of Ndigal Financial Services told the truth-seeking commission that Ndigal, which means instruction, was a marabout in Kerr Mot Ali, claiming that he receives spiritual divine revelations from Allah.

He said three days after every Muslim feast of Eid, Ndigal would perform “Ziarah” in the village to advice and preach the people based on the revelations that are revealed to him by Allah.

An engineering and networking graduate from the United Kingdom, Mr Ceesay further told the Commission that the Islamic way of worshiping Allah is divided into two different ways.

“Fare hatul munanwara is the 5 pillars of Islam and Hakikatul munanwara is the Zikarr, which is the highest way of worshiping Allah. Zikarr brings a person closer to Allah and cleans the heart,” he said.

Mr Ceesay explained that Sheikh Bassirou Secka, the father of Sering Ndigal established Touba Saloum in Senegal, Taiba in Upper Saloum and Bondali villages but he was based in Touba Saloum and died in 1998.

He said Sheikh Basirou used to install any of his sons to lead the villages he established and that was how Sering Ndigal became the head of Kerr Mot Hali village from 1982 until his death in 2007.

He further told the gathering that Sering Ndigal was more knowledgeable than all of his siblings with 5000 followers who pledged their allegiance to him, saying he works according to instruction from Allah and pleased only Allah.  He said Sering Ndigal stopped the ritual prayers in 2002.

According to him, there were times when Ndigal’s siblings who were not living in Kerr Mot Hali will come to conduct the Ziarah in the village, but their date for the Ziarah will be different from the date Ndigal would choose which led to disagreement.

He said they are similar to the Baye Faals in Senegal in one point but different in another, saying that the Baye Faals do not pray and fast while they do pray and fast. He said both them and the Baye Faals also call their leader as Ndigal.

Story written by Binta Ceesay

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