Teachers reaffirm to maintain sit-down strike despite government threats

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Despite termination threats issued by Gambia’s Vice President Ousainou Darboe, members of Teachers for Change said they will still maintain their sit-down strike until their demands are addressed.
Members of the group, who are demanding for the full and timely payment of their provincial and hardship allowances yesterday called an emergency meeting to discuss whether to hold on or continue on the strike.
Abuko Upper Basic School where they used to hold their meetings has now been moved to Abuko market hall because the school is on examination.
It was reported that during a meeting held earlier this week with members of the Teachers for Change taskforce and Network of Mission Teachers vice president Darboe threatened that services of teachers who joined the strike and refused to go to work would be terminate and replaced.
Hundreds of teachers from across the country converged at at Abuko to express their dissatisfaction with VP Darboe’s statement and to reaffirm their position to continue the sit down strike until the time when the government come with a solution to meet their demands.
Teachers for Change public relation officer Alasan Ceesay encouraged the teachers to be behind the move and stand firm, telling them that the government official propaganda that they have come to terms with their executive and they should go back to their various schools was not true.
Mr. Ceesay said the executive committee has formed a task force that will be going round the schools to encourage other teachers to stay at home and observe the strike as the move is in the interest of all teachers.

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