EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Since it was first uttered by President Adama Barrow in February this year, the term “NEW GAMBIA” has been widely used by Gambians from all works of life. It was meant to signal the dawn of a new era and a shift from the old way of doing things. For many it presents numerous opportunities, rule of law, accountability and transparency in all spheres of national and private engagements. But the CEO of TAF AFRICA GLOBAL Mr. Mustapha Njie has said the “NEW GAMBIA” presents opportunities and challenges for business entrepreneurs in the country. He made these remarks at a news conference at his office in Brufut ahead of next week’s two days conference and networking event.
The New Gambia presents major opportunities which should have entrepreneurship as an important cornerstone. There are also serious challenges and that is why we are engaging government and inviting them to this important networking event. For together we can build a better Gambia”.
The theme for this year’s event is “Opportunities and Challenges in the New Gambia: An Entrepreneurship Perspective”. Different stakeholder groups including government, civil society, youth groups, activists, the media and the Private Sector will hold series of sessions at the Coral Beach Hotel. The main objectives of event is to create an environment where different industries and organizations can come together to share information, and exchange ideas on how to move the country forward, give a platform to the youth, physically disabled, the forgotten and disenfranchised members of our society to engage them by giving them a voice to play a role in the “New Gambia”
“Our objective is to provide a platform where different institutions, organizations and individuals including government can come together band share ideas on how to move the country forward. The second and final day of this two day event is for the youths, we want to encourage and empower them and give them opportunities for employment. Everyone is included, those physically disabled, the forgotten and disenfranchised members of society all have a role a play”.
He said if well approached, these major challenges and opportunities can benefit everyone. This is the main reason the president is invited to the two day convergence. The private sector he says has a big role to play and that this networking event will create a platform for meaningful national dialogue which will by far help in the realization of national policies and objectives.
“If we come together and collectively approach these challenges it will benefit Gambia as a country. The private sector are critical partners in development and with government continuing to create that environment for us, we can achieve a lot together”.
Platforms like this hardly come by, but this year’s edition of TAF AFRICA GLOBAL annual networking event presents a unique opportunity for national dialogue and the way forward for Gambian businesses. For Taf, it is not just an opportunity to present his company’s projects but a platform that will give both government and the private sector an avenue for meaningful exchange of ideas that will be of national interest.

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