Stringent health measures at airport amid arrival of relief flights

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: There is strict observation of health precautions at the Banjul international airport since government’s Thursday announcement of suspending flights into the country from thirteen destinations as a precautionary measure to address the spread of COVID-19.

Aviation authorities and Health workers are on the standby with stringent health measures being implemented by health officials in disinfecting the premises and anyone who get access to the airport. The country has registered only one case of corona virus so far on a female Gambian who arrived from the United Kingdom.

Three relief aircrafts that were charted by some European countries to repatriate their citizens landed at the airport on Friday with only the crew onboard.

Gambia Civil Aviation Authority communications manager, Lamin Dibba told Eyeafrica at the airport that suspension does not mean that no flight should land at the airport but said anyone flight that land at the airport during the suspension period must be quarantined for fourteen days.

As of Thursday, 19th of March, World Health Organisation reported that there are more than two hundred thousand confirmed cases, accounting for over eight thousand deaths globally, with Europe accounting for over four thousand deaths, South-East Asia 23 deaths, and Eastern Mediterranean over thousand deaths.

Mr Dibba confirmed that all the three planes that landed at the airport on Friday morning were relief flights that are chartered to purposely repatriate foreign nationals.

Gambia government has issued a mandatory quarantine of anyone coming from 47 affected countries in Asia, Europe, and America for a period of 14 days just few hours after placing ban on flights from 13 destinations on Thursday.


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