South African youth turn ripe fruits into venture dubbed Sorbae Frozen

EYEAFRICA TV: Johannesburg, South Africa: South African duo, Thula Ndema and Thato Masondo, turned their passion for recycling into a thriving sweet venture called Sorbae Frozen in Johannesburg.
Frustrated with rotting fruits left by street vendors, this dream team came up with a plan that became a business.
“We found a spark in the city of Johannesburg, with the street vendors selling fruits and veggies. And the problem was they don’t know what to do with the fruits as soon as they turn soft or juicy. They want to throw them away because people don’t want to eat perfectly ripe fruits,” said Ndema.
But they did not came out specific ideas of how to use them as ingredients until they started working in an ice-cream shop two years later.
“We thought that our clients were normally children, because children love ice cream but we started seeing older men coming in and buying ice cream for their friends. And so we found a different alternative of people. There’re people who are mostly looking for a dessert, but a cheating dessert, but not having to feel guilty after eating it,” said Masondo.
Ndema and Masondo used to sell their products out of a cooler box on the streets. Now, Sorbae Frozen operates from Victoria Yards, an urban oasis in the city, and keeps clients coming back for more.
Ndema and Masondo want to inspire more unemployed youth in South Africa.
“Our dream is to help a lot of people because we came from a struggling place ourselves. So as keep dreaming and showing people that the dream is possible, that’s the plan. That’s how you want to help everyone and starting with children, showing them that they can start having their own shop,” said Masondo.
Their story is one of perseverance and they hope their journey will inspire other youngsters to follow their dream and start their own businesses.

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