South Africa to build tallest skyscraper in Africa

EYEAFRICA TV: Johannesburg, South Africa: A 55-storey building known as the Leonardo in Johannesburg of South Africa is set to become the tallest skyscraper in Africa when it opens later this year.
The new building stands roughly at 227 meters, taking the crown from the Carlton Centre, which has dominated the Johannesburg skyline since 1973.
The building was developed by the Legacy Group together with Nedbank Group Ltdin, and it’s a mixed-use development. The co-owners say they’ve taken everything into account.
The Legacy Group has a history in Sandton, starting with building the Nelson Mandela square in 1992. The group has also developed the DaVinci, the Raphael and Michelangelo Towers. And the Leonardo is the group’s latest development.
“It’s a project thats been a labor of love. Its been very tough, tough in the industry and we’re working in but at the same time also quite rewarding in that everybody who’s been involved in this project has really identified with it. And I think its an inspiration for others to say, well, you know, what do they see, we see in South Africa. We see a hell of a future in South Africa,” said Bart Dorrestein, CEO of Legacy Group.
The development offers a complete lifestyle choice in one location. There is a gym, spa, nursery school and pool deck, offices, boardrooms, and restaurants.
“When you work here or live here, you’ve got everything at your fingertips. And at the same time its also accessible to the people of Sandton and their fingertips. So when we started it, this project had to survive on being a mixed used development. At the moment the key components is the residential component. We have got about 240 apartments, of which we have sold about 225,” said Dorrestein.
Dorrestein takes a long term view of the property sector and the potential that South Africa and the continent has to offer.
“I believe that Sandton is the business and lifestyle capital of Africa, and I also believe very strongly that if Africa is going to perform and survive. South Africa’s got a very meaningful role to play in that,” he said.

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