South Africa: Nigerians return home amid attacks on foreigners

EYEAFRICA TV: Johannesburg, South Africa: Several Nigerian nationals were seen at the Johannesburg OR Tambo airport Wednesday, waiting to leave South Africa to return home. This came after Nigeria announced repatriation of around 600 citizens who decided to leave South Africa in wake of attacks on foreigners.
”I’m leaving because South Africa doesn’t welcome foreigners, especially we, blacks, what have we done to them? Why are they killing us? Killing Nigerians, bombing our shops, not giving us anything…why? Why?,” said Nicholas, a Nigerian national.
Recently, South African citizens launched attack on foreign national owning businesses in the country, including Nigerians and Ghanaians, blaming it for competing with them. Several shops were burnt down and some people were killed.
The attacks, especially on those running businesses, intensified in the last weeks, with protesters claiming that their jobs are taken by foreign nationals. At least 10 people were killed last week and more than 420 arrested, with shops and properties being looted.
”I never wanted to leave because it is a nice place, in a way. But the people inside of it [are] not making things happen for us. They don’t look at foreigners as human beings, they look at us as a bunch of *inaudible* and don’t care about us, they don’t want to know how we feel.” Victor Isah, a Nigerian National said.
Another Nigerian national said: ”It is very disappointing to see that, at the end of it, we are, you know, we are down, you know. They are taking everything from us, you know. So, there is nothing that we can do other than going home.”

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