Social and humanitarian organizations in Algeria step up efforts to care for homeless people

EYEAFRICA TV: Algiers, Algeria: Social and humanitarian organizations and associations are stepping up their efforts to care for homeless people in the city of Oran in a move to stop the spread Coronavirus among this category of people.

In this context, the director of the social action at the Oran Wilaya (Governorate), assured that this segment of society is supported throughout the year and on a regular basis so that these people are gathered and transferred by the civil protection and the police to healthcare centers for a fourteen day quarantine before taking to homeless shelters.

“However, these homeless people do not want to stay in shelters because they prefer to live outside and we cannot force them to stay,” Mr Fadala said.

He added that this category is less exposed to the risk of infection because these people live in isolation and do not have direct contact with the population, which reduces the risk of contamination.

“However, all the necessary preventive precautions have been taken and in the event of suspicion of an illness, the person is taken to a health center. A committee made up of representatives from the health, social welfare, civil protection and Algerian Red Crescent sectors “watches over this vulnerable category,” he said, adding that the center that houses them is disinfected daily and all means of protection are distributed to the staff of this social structure. For its part, the CRA wilaya committee distributed masks to homeless people as part of preventive measures against the Coronavirus.

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