Sira Wally Ndow: Jammeh Forced Me to be Signatory

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh’s one-time petroleum minister Sira Wally Ndow-Njie told the Janneh Commission that the circumstances of her becoming a signatory to some government account were entirely based on force from Mr. Jammeh.
Mrs. Ndow-Njie, who was previously deputy minister of petroleum while Mr. Jammeh himself was the minister said she was aware that government ministers cannot be signatories to government accounts but she became on because she was under force and pressure from her boss.
She told the commission that she joined the Gambia government in 1989 as a Cadet management analyst at the National Investment Board and was also a management analyst at the defunct Utility Holding Corporation.
According to her, on several occasions, she advised Mr. Jammeh that it was not right for her to be a signatory to government account but he told her that, “I am the minister and you are my Deputy so you have to be it.
Mrs. Ndow-Njie said before filling the account opening forms, she decided to take photos of them because she was not comfortable and was aware that a day will come when she will be accountable for her actions.
She said the funds in the petroleum ministry special account was supposed to be opened at the Central Bank and be managed by the Office of the President. “I believe Sulayman Samba was the Secretary-General when this account was opened.”
The commission’s lead counsel Amie Bensouda said the first transaction was signed by you and the secretary and what was that meant for, Mrs. Ndow-Njie said Mr. Jammeh said it was for the payment of some contractors who worked for the government.
She said on several occasions, Mr. Jammeh would explain that the purpose of the fund was for the payment of government contractors.
Mrs. Ndow-Njie also explained that there was a 115, 000 dollar transaction at the Guaranty Trust bank account that Mr. Jammeh instructed for the payment of UN member state flag at the and that was paid to The Gambia Embassy in New York.

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