Sidia Jatta: We cannot continue to close our eyes when our youth are being killed in cold blood

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Wuli West national assembly member have been reminding deputies on Monday that they have heavy responsibilities on their shoulders and that they have sworn to solve those responsibilities and carry them to the satisfaction of the people who elected them, saying gone are days when national assembly members will close their eyes when their people are suffering.

Sidia Jatta said two youth were killed in cold blood by the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) in Faraba Banta for expressing their civil rights and it is now the responsibility of the deputies to act and bring such happenings to end.

Reports indicate that on Monday morning, two men were killed and several other injured following a the sand mine confrontation between a group of people; mainly youth of Faraba Banta in Kombo East and Julakay Engineering and Construction Company; who claim it was issued sand mining licence by government.

“Our people are suffering and crying for help; we are their help and we are their hand and eyes. That is what we must begin to do. Where has Julakay got the authority to have all that land for himself? How and when was he given the authority?”

Sidia Jatta Wuli Gambia National Assembly Member for West national

Mr. Jatta said such resources are where government should be generating revenue to develop the country. “But they shut mouths; they closed mouths with bread and butter. We cannot continue to close our eyes with such things.”

He said young men were killed in cold blood for defending the dignity of their community and country and nothing is going to happen. “This is rubbish; we are tired of such things.”

He reminded deputies that their role here is to stop it and “we” must stop it. He said such acts must stop for the interest of The Gambian people. “We must all commit ourselves to stop this. We must all meet today to address this matter now.”

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