EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Following the commission of inquiry’s visit to Statehouse in Banjul and President Barrow’s residence in Fajara, it has been discovered that over 10 expensive cars left behind by former President Jammeh are being used by President Adama Barrow. These includes latest Rollce Royce, Limousines’s amongst other expensive cars. It is an open secret that former President Jammeh is obsessed with cars but Barrow’s use of these cars that are under investigation by the commission of inquiry is highly disturbing.
Many Gambians have frowned at the news of Barrow’s use of these cars citing many reasons. President Barrow established the commission of inquiry to look into the financial dealings and activities of ex-president Jammeh and his close associates in relation to public funds.
A government insider who spoke to Eye Africa TV said ”President Barrow being the custodian of the constitution should stay away from using vehicles under investigations as all that is part of expenditures made by the former president. Once something is under investigation it is no longer available for use until cleared or otherwise”.
Many Gambians are of the strongest view that any property, like plots of land, cars and so on should not be used by anyone as long as it remains under investigation. For some, any party or person called to appear before the commission should not return to office or continue working and being paid while under investigation as it contradicts the principle of the commission.
Since its establishment three months ago, dozens of former government officials and close associates of ex-president Jammeh have appeared before the commission. The country’s national assembly recently approved the extension of the commission’s mandate as it continues to hear testimonies.
Meanwhile, the commission last week issued a temporary ban on businesses and assets of close associates of former president Jammeh.

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