Senegal’s Presidency Lays Plans After First Case of Coronavirus

EYEAFRICA TV: Dakar, Senegal: Senegalese president, Macky Sall has issued a presidential advice on the coronavirus few hours after the country reported first case to be confirmed.

His office instituted a presidential council that validated the national response plan and announced its readiness to deal the case and work further to prevent the spread of the disease in Senegal.
The same initiative featured the launching of what is called “a Dakar call” to raise awareness of the need to fight the coronavirus.

The Head of State welcomed the quality and resilience of this device and calls for calm and serenity. He decided to minimise his mission abroad, especially in the countries concerned.

I was rumored that the infection was detected in The Gambia but during a press conference on Monday, the Ministry of health and Social Welfare debunked the rumor, saying that is false

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