Senegal Government bows to the Memory of Illustrious Fallen Mourides Khalif General

EYEAFRICA TV: Dakar, SENEGAL: Following the reminder to God of Senegal’s Mouride sect fallen Khalif general Sheikh Sidy Moukhtar MBACKE, the country’s President Macky SALL and members of his Government says it bow to the memory of the illustrious disappeared and present in this painful circumstance, their saddened condolences to the Islamic Ummah, the family of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba MBACKE and to the entire Mouride community.
Entirely turned towards its creator, Sheikh Sidy Moukhtar MBACKE had made of his life and his mission, a priesthood for the propagation of Islam, the unity of the believers and the preservation of the legacy of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba MBACKE.
The Senegalese nation has just lost one of its strongest walls, the venerated Sheikh Sidy Moukhtar MBACKE, who has embodied throughout his life, the values of generosity, humility and the cult of work and who has contributed greatly to the modernization of the holy city of Touba.
The Government expresses its support and solidarity to the Mouride Community and to the new Khalife General of the Mourides Serigne Mountakha Bassirou MBACKE.
The government prayed that Allah grant mercy to the illustrious disappeared by welcoming him to his paradise and to his heirs, the resilience necessary to endure his death and continue his work.

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