Security Minister pushes for penalization of lying and withholding information the same way as bribery

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: The Ministry of Justice says that the law guiding offenses and penalties should include an article on lying or withholding information and be categorized the same as bribery. This they say will fight crimes against the security of the nation which include assaulting of teenagers.

This is an issue that a cross-section of citizens from Kigali city says that lying leads to more cases of insecurity and child assault, trafficking and drug abuse.

“When it is a family member who has committed violence on a young girl, the information is not disclosed because everyone says that it is not right to disclose this about my family and we refuse to create the discord. Do not only put in place the law punishing the one who committed the crime but also the one who refuses to report it,” said Bahati Imelda, resident in Kimironko.

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and Security in the Rwandan parliament have started holding talks with the institutions to determine some of their works.

The parliamentarians mentioned to the ministry of justice and the ministry of internal security that the most pressing issue that is affecting the economy and the girls is teenage pregnancies.

“A lot has been done and investigations have revealed that there are at least 51 thousand cases like you have explained to us. however in all this when we talk about teenage pregnancies and we go the sector levels they give us big numbers but when you ask how many have been reported to the authorities to face justice, you find that the number is quite low,” said Mukandera Iphigenie, member of Parliament.

The minister for internal security General Patrick Nyamvumba and the Minister for Justice Johnston Busingye, say that one of the major reasons why these cases do not fade away is based on the mentality of the people that still linger on the culture of complacency and are now calling for lying or withholding information should be punished by law.

“A good example would be during the wedding ceremonies where you find that the wedding cards have already been printed and shared. But before the D-Day, the families come together for the dowry ceremony and during the discussions, you find that they say that the girls are not available and they cannot give her to you, yet the girl is waiting in the house. So basically that’s promoting lying and when these teenage pregnancies occur, these families know very well who is behind it,” said Ggeneral Patrick Nyamvumba, Minister of Internal Security.

“We have not put in enough efforts to fight this, we should join hands and come up with a law that has stringent, measure upon a person who lies knowingly the penalty should be above even corruption because during investigations a lot of money is wasted and at the end of the day you find out that they were lying,” said Johnston Busingye, Minister of Justice.

Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security in the Rwandan parliament, Rwigamba Fidèle said that sensitization will be done to ensure that this is strongly punishable by law.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau showcased their achievements since their inception and the Rwanda national police indicated what was achieved over the last 20 years.

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