SA Civil organisation says there is little confidence in Country’s Leadership elite

EYEAFRICA TV: Johannesburg, South Africa: Reports from South African National Civil Organisation (SANCO) structures have revealed that people of the rainbow have very little confidence in their leadership elite that they can turn around the economy to tackle the burning issues of non-existent economic growth, falling revenue, joblessness, deepening poverty, social deprivation, and the whole raft and host of anti-social consequences.
They said one of the must single out problems that hampering the country is the violence by men towards women and anger by the poor towards any grouping they deem responsible for their tough lives.
The organisation’s National Working Committee (NWC) met on September 25, in Johannesburg, where they considered a number of matters facing the country, especially the millions of community members.
“The NWC met around the same time as world leaders gathered for the annual United Nations General Assembly, and it was obvious to many around the globe, that our world is in trouble on so many different levels, that is socially, economically, and ecologically,” a release from SANCO said.
They said world leaders and the elite seem to be oblivious to the hard and difficult lives of the poor, saying people have organised themselves in a myriad of mass formations and are crying out for help, but yet the global elite seems to operate like they live on a different planet.
The SANCO NWC said they are especially dismayed by the lack of a clear and coherent response by government to tackle these immediate challenges.  “We are not naïve to believe that these difficulties are easily overcome, however, government response has been lackluster and patchy.  Last year, government convened a number of sector summits, which we expected would result in a grand social compact that will bring together South Africans around a number of pressing priorities.  However, all we have received in return are elite political battles over petty political power, rather than dealing with the issues of our people.”
We do not have a plan as a country
The organisation also revealed that the South African people’s confidence in political leadership is the lowest since the 1980s, saying the greediness, laxity and basic opportunism of the opposition political leadership, expose that there are no real and viable alternatives.  “More worrying for SANCO though is the failure of government to follow-up on plans they begin.  In the previous administration we went from a 15 point plan to a 9 point plan, then Thuma Mina, and even the rhetoric of a stimulus and a recovery plan.”
It said none of these announcements have resulted in any real tangible difference and now they have the Minister of Finance operating like a Goldman Sachs consultant to government, and announcing on his own a recovery plan that offers not a recovery but a minimum of micro-economic wishes, in the hope that it will realise in macroeconomic results, and setting the tone for displacing state assets rather than dealing with the underlying problems in the economy.
“The NWC has resolved to host a workshop to discuss the Minister of Finance’s proposals, and the workshop will include various progressive economists and experts.  We will announce the details of the workshop and its outcomes in due course.”
Nedlac remains a priority for SANCO
The NWC noted that the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) was also due to meet in its Annual Summit but said it was ironic that the current Minister of Finance was the erstwhile Minister of Labour when NEDLAC was born.  “He was quoted in the debate in parliament when the NEDLAC Act was passed, saying that ‘NEDLAC was my baby.  Yet today, he ignores the premier social dialogue forum that he was instrumental in establishing.  SANCO has reaffirmed their commitment to NEDLAC and will increase their activity and participation in NEDLAC.”
South African leadership stop insulting South Africans! 
The SANCO NWC calls on the elite and leadership of South Africa to refrain from populist and attention-seeking statements that are more concerned with denigrating and admonishing the people.  They said they remain convinced on the wholly goodness of South Africans, who are generous to a fault, but wise enough to recognise when their good nature is being taken advantage of.  “We are disappointed that the President and other leaders in South Africa seem too easily suggest that South Africans could be xeno or Afrophobic, and have sent envoys on a mission to offer an apology.  We do want to highlight the problem of rampant crime and corruption.  There are too many criminals who are able to thrive because there is too much of corruption in many sections of government, especially in our justice system.”
There is opportunity in this crisis
The SANCO NWC acknowledges that they are in a difficult period in their country’s history, but it is also an opportunity to tackle their age old problems, saying they are confident that their communities have the wherewithal to tackle these challenges with vigour and enthusiasm.

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