Rwandan cabinet ministers, senior public service officials shall forfeit their April monthly salary

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: Two billion RWF could be collected from senior government officials including cabinet members, permanent secretaries, and heads of parastatals, among other senior leaders, who will forfeit April’s salary to contribute to social protection of vulnerable citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, according to the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, the numbers are still being counted.

This was announced through a statement issued by the office of Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente.

According to a statement released on Sunday evening, the move is in solidarity with the most affected Rwandans during an ongoing lockdown aimed at containing the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Across section of citizens have welcomed this meeting, saying it is a good example to the citizens.

“As a citizen, I was very happy and proud of my country because it serves as a good example to us. The other thing is that it gives hope to those who cannot afford food that the government cares for them,” said Evariste Murwanashyaka, a citizen.

“With this pandemic, I believe that this is a good decision and encourages others who have the means to help their neighbors,” said Uzamukunda Anni, a citizen.

Rwanda’s PSF(Private Sector Federation) chairman Robert Bafakulera says that this has also be done by the federation members in support of the citizens during the pandemic.

“The PSF and the members thought of this and started collecting foodstuff and other essentials and put them in stock in Kicukiro, we also have those in Rubavu district who have started doing the same, however, we need more people to come up and support all these initiatives,” said Robert Bafakulera, chairman of PSF.

Speaking on phone, the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana explains even as the final tally awaits, at least 2.5 billion RWF is expected to be collected.

“We are still doing the calculations but what we have as projection is at least 2.5 billion RWF that will be in addition to what we have as Rwandans fight this pandemic. We are still collecting, because we have two more weeks of the lockdown and we need more efforts and resources,” said Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana.

The Minister for Finance and Economic Planning explains that this will affect senior government officials including cabinet members, permanent secretaries, and heads of parastatals, among other senior leaders.

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