Rwanda issues directives to all taxi-motorcyclists in line with fighting coronavirus

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority has issued directives that all taxi-motorcyclists are to remove all helmet visors as a way of helping to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 spreading through such things.

Taxi-motorcycles are extensively used in Kigali City, as an alternative to Public Transport Buses and the sharing of helmets has been a source of concern that the visors on them can help spread the coronavirus.

This latest decision by RURA to have them removed therefore has been welcomed and is not seen as hindering the operations of the Taxi – Motorcycles in any way.

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority officials are also urging people to first wear a head covering before putting on the helmets as another way to increase protection from the risk of infection in cases when such equipment may have been compromised.

“This concerns the lives of people, all of us, starting with those who use such Motorcycles. They should not accept to use such equipment if the regulations are not followed, because then they put their lives at risk. You must not wait for RURA, the Police and other authorities to come and check that you are doing what you should protect your life. Yes, it is our responsibility to check, but we are also calling on people to uphold these measures: wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their faces because that is very risky; as well as other guidelines that have been issued by the Ministry of Health,” said Patrick Nyirishema, RURA Director-General.

Health Experts at the RBC agree that the Visors should be removed.

“Concerning those Visors; I had even given an example of how saliva droplets, some so small that you cannot see them, end up on them,” said Dr. Jose Nyamusore, RBC Division Manager.

Try speaking with your mouth right up next to a mirror or window pane and see what happens. You will notice it misting up. That is warmth and moisture from your mouth and it proves that such things can easily spread the virus, so that is a good decision to remove the visors.”

RURA has again called on all people to refrain from unnecessary journeys and to observe all safety measures when they do so.

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