Rwanda in lockdown to contain coronavirus

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: Few cars were seen along the roads in Kigali today as well as just a handful of people were seen walking along the roads. Because of the scarcity of cars, some people opted to go by foot to their destinations.

“At first, we didn’t think this was serious. It is now that we have started to understand it. For instance I am going to rebero on foot, and then I come back to kimironko on foot because there is no other way. No cars or motos.”

“I have come by foot from fawe, I stood there since 8am in the morning. Every means of transport you try to stop is not taking us. It is a challenge, there should be a way in which we can be facilitated to take us back home.”

“I have come from kabuga while walking, you see it isn’t easy. My body is tired, it’s not easy, but we just have to be patient and accept that it is what it is.”

It was a different scene in Nyabugogo where so many people were seen walking around saying they had come to shop but food stuff were few on the market. “It’s why you see that people here are many and there are crowds, but the first thing that is being done is to wash your hands like the ministry of health is encouraging us.”

“I am from shopping, I have seen things, the prices are okay, still the same as how we were buying before, but there are so many people, it is for lining up, I am just going to stay home.”

At the bus park in Nyabugogo, we found long queues of people waiting at offices with closed doors because there were no buses to carry the passengers. The executive secretary of Nyarugenge district Ngabonziza Emmy says there are about 600 people with valid reasons that they are helping.

“In a short time, cars are going to come to transport them. We first evaluated them, we found out the reasons that brought them, and where they have been, and where they are going, so that we screen them so that they go in good shape without posing a risk to others they are going and to enable us follow up on them as well.”

We talked to some people from Gisozi who agree with the measures that were put in place but express their concerns about how they will not get what to eat because they have put a halt to their work. “We find that is neessary to close down because there are so many people and the virus could infect many people.”

“I went to work in the morning, we were told to go back home. Here in Kigali, we just have to buy food, and the money we use to buy food is from our work. So without work, we won’t have money to buy food.”

The traffic police was seen stopping some of the cars in some places today asking the owners where they were going, some of which were let go whereas others were seen parking on the roadsides.

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