Russia Reaffirms Support to Venezuela

EYEAFRICA TV: Moscow, RUSSIA: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pledged Moscow’s support to Caracas in reaffirmation of Russia’s stance with Venezuela in countering external pressure.

His declaration came on a bilateral talk with his Venezuelan counterpart Delcy Rodriguez in Moscow on Wednesday.

“We have always been and will be committed to these principles, we will always be in solidarity with you to uphold the right of every nation to choose their own development paths, and we categorically oppose any illegitimate unilateral methods of blackmail and pressure.” Says Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister

Rodriguez on her turn, praised the cooperation between the two countries and said there is “serious progress in all areas”.

“The exchange between Russia and Venezuela is happening more often and in larger volume. I had the opportunity to assess with the chairman of the high-level commission, [Deputy Russian Prime Minister Yury] Borisov, how our affairs are progressing within the framework of this commission. And I see that we have made serious progress in all areas.”

This is her second time in Russia in less than five months.

On Monday, the Venezuelan diplomat discussed economic issues with Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister.

The South American country has been caught in growing political discontent which leaves about four million leaving the country in recent years.

More than 50 countries including the US have recognised Mr Guaidó as the legitimate president, but Russia and China among others have stood by President Maduro.

Within Venezuela, Mr Guaidó is celebrated by oppositions while government officials said they would defend the president against “imperialist threats”.

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