Riyadh deal paves way for peace in Yemen: Yemeni Prime Minister

EYEAFRICA TV: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The Riyadh deal signed by the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) is an important step to pave the way for peace in Yemen, said Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed on Sunday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The Riyadh deal was signed on Tuesday, marking the official end of months of armed conflict in southern Yemen.
Saeed attended a joint workshop of the Saudi Arabian and the Yemeni governments entitled “The Future of Development and Reconstruction in Yemen” on Sunday, saying that the Riyadh deal is an important step for all parties to advance the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Yemen. The Yemeni government will also gradually promote its reconstruction process with the assistance of the international community.
“Yemen has entered a new stage after the signing of the Riyadh agreement. It is a new stage of stability and reconstruction, and it is particularly important after the collapse of the economy in 2015 and the stagnation of development for nearly three years,” said Saeed.
In August, the Yemeni government forces and the STC forces, both financially backed by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, were engaged in ferocious fighting over control of the south. The STC forces later seized control of Aden, the temporary capital, from government troops.
Saudi Arabia persuaded the two sides to hold reconciliation talks, which succeeded in reaching a deal to form a new technocrat cabinet of no more than 24 ministers.
Saeed indicated that the Yemeni government was willing to reopen dialogues with the Houthis in Yemen on the basis of the Stockholm deal.
“The Yemeni government firmly supports the mediation of the UN special envoy for Yemen. We are committed to supporting the Stockholm agreement and hope that all relevant provisions in it can be implemented. We should also see some new changes in the coming period,” said Saeed.
According to the United Nations, the fighting in Yemen has killed nearly 20,000 Yemenis and left nearly 25 million in need of humanitarian assistance.
Mohammed Al-Jaber, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Yemen, said that Saudi Arabia will make every effort to provide assistance to alleviate the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
“Saudi Arabia will continue to coordinate with the Yemeni government in the reconstruction and development process of Yemen, and provide relevant assistance to the provinces of Yemen in health, education, transportation, water, electricity, public security, agriculture and fisheries,” said Jaber.

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