Ramadan 2021: Moon sighting for Eid ul-Fitr is this evening, Supreme Islamic Council announces

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) has announced that the moon sighting for Eid ul-Fitr will be this evening, urging Muslims to carefully sight the crescent moon and inform the council.

In a statement released early Tuesday, the council said: “The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) wishes to remind all Muslims in The Gambia that, the sighting of the Crescent Moon of Shawwaal will be this evening, Tuesday 29th Ramadan 1442H corresponding to 11th May, 2021.”

The Council urges “all Muslims to carefully sight the Crescent Moon and inform the Council or its Regional Representatives/Committee Heads of any information about the Crescent Moon.”

Elsewhere, the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia has asked people to look for the Shawwal moon on the evening of Tuesday, May 11, which is the 29th day of Ramadan.

Under Islamic customs, people look for the moon on the 29th day of any month. If it’s seen, that month comes to an end; if not, the month goes on for another day and lasts a full 30 days.

However, lunar charts indicate it won’t be possible to see the moon on May 11.

UK astronomers at HM Nautical Almanac Office, a Government agency, said no sightings were possible anywhere in the world on that date.

But it said stargazers should be able to see the moon on May 12 from parts of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, using a telescope. It will also be possible to see the moon with the naked eye in much of Africa and the USA.

That would indicate Eid (and the month of Shawwal) is likely to start the following day – Wednesday, May 13 – which is in accordance with Saudi Arabia’s Umm al-Qura Calendar of calculated dates.

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