Purported letter saws Justice Minister applying diplomatic passport for 5 family members

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: As diplomatic passport saga that ensued from the arrest of two staff of Gambia’s foreign ministry continued to be the center of controversy in the country, a letter with the letter head of the Attorney General’s chamber that was made available to Eye Africa TV also saw Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambedou apply for diplomatic for five of his relatives.
In the letter, Mr. Tambadou purportedly stated that his mother and step mother regularly travels to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for annual for Hajj. “Given their advance age and current state of physical health, travelling on ordinary passports create immense physical and logistical challenge for them, especially regarding their movements on arrival and departure from the airport,” the letter dated 6 June 2019 stated.
In August, foreign affairs ministry spokesperson Saikou Ceesay confirmed to Eye Africa TV that two protocol officers were arrested for their alleged involvement in a diplomatic passport fraud, while the third person, who traveled outside of the country before the incident unfolded, was still at large.
Police spokesperson also confirmed that later on, Mansa Sumareh, chief driver at State House was also arrested for allegedly involving with other arrested officials in helping to facilitate diplomatic passport for one Bakary Susso.

Eye Africa TV also saw a letter from the Office of The President, approving Justice Minister Tambedou’s diplomatic passport application for his mother Abi Tambadou, step-mother Mariam Aziz Tambadou, sister Mariama Tambadou Touray, another sister Haddyjatou Marie Tambadou Faal and wife Rougui Aly Kebbe.
Diplomatic passport sagas have been happening in The Gambia even during the time of the former government and few people, mainly the average Gambians are prosecuted.


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