Protest Advances In Brikama Despite Lack of Police Permit

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Everything about today’s protests began in Brikama with youth who insist in showing out dissatisfaction in the performance of the Brikama Area Council.

Officer of the Police Intervention Unit launched indiscriminate firing of teargas on the crowd leading to the dispersal of protesters. A handful of market vendors were forced to shut down their stalls as buyers were seen running for their lives.

The brikama protest was planned earlier this month but the organisers could not secure police permit to go ahead.

Eye Africa news crew itself was trapped in teargas polluted areas near the junction to the Southbank highway in Nyambai.

Youth in the West Coast Region say their peaceful protest was meant to activate the Brikama Area Council towards from “slumber” to its responsibilities. The council, they say is not able to implement meaningful projects of providing basic social services. Being the largest in the country, BAC has a noticeable challenge in focus to waste management, markets, and provision of utilities in towns and villages under its catchment.

The Red Cross which deployed over fifty first aid volunteers are busy treating people who are intoxicated with teargas and those hit by police rubber bullets.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Brikama Area Council, Lamin Sheriffo Sighateh told Eye Africa earlier that the situation was calm at his work place. He believed that the police must have convinced the protesters to call off their plans.

In June, the Minister of Interior warned during a rally attended by the President of the Gambia in Brikama that, the police will use water cannons to throw boiling water on protesters who are not legally permitted to take to the street.

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