President Kenyatta Address the nation ahead of tomorrow's polls

EYEAFRICA TV: Nairobi, KENYA: Ahead of tomorrow’s presidential elections, Kenya’s leader Uhuru Kenyatta has assured all Kenyan’s of his unflinching commitment to protecting the rights and freedom of all Kenyans during and after the elections.

Addressing the nation in his final address ahead of tomorrow’s vote, the President said the last couple of months have been a real test for the country. He said elections polarise people and he knew that this was going to be a difficult moment but urged all Kenyans to go home after casting their votes.

This has been Kenya’s greatest democratic test in decades. The annulling of the election results came as a surprise to many but Kenyatta said it is an opportunity to solidify the foundations of Kenya as a modern democratic state.Kenya’s supreme court rejected the election results following opposition leader Rila Odinga’s petition protesting the results.

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