President Erdogan tests Turkey’s first driverless electric bus

EYEAFRICA TV: Ankara, TURKEY:- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has on Monday tested the country’s first locally manufactured driverless electric bus produced by Turkish engineers.

The Karsan Autonomous Atak Electric, is said to be the world’s first serial production level 4 driverless electric bus ever developed in Turkey.

Speaking to the press after the testing, President Erdoğan said the artificial intelligence product was jointly produced by Karsan and ADASTEC.

According to him, the eight-meter-long vehicle runs very quietly and is sensitive to pedestrians and all traffic signals while driving.

“This is of course a real pride for our country.  I congratulate both Karsan and ADASTEC on this issue.  And with mass production, I believe that they will announce the name of our country and our brands in this sector, I have no doubts about it,” Erdoğan said, stating that the same technology will be used in vehicles up to 24 meters.

President Erdoğan added: “This is of course also a preliminary step for clean energy, because the world is going to clean energy and this is in a process where climate change is discussed and at the forefront.”

“In the next period, this mass production will make us much happier.  It is our hope that we will have taken a great distance in our industrial exports and production together with this local artificial intelligence.  This will be further developed, of course.”

Atak Electric has a range of 300-kilometer (186.4 miles) without interruption thank to its BMW 220-kWh Li-Ion batteries, according to Karsan’s website.

“Atak Electric can charge its battery in 5 hours by AC or in 3 hours by DC,” it added.

The 8.3-meter-lenght (27.2 feet) bus has a capacity of more than 50 passengers. The firm has already started the mass production of the bus.

Another Turkish automotive firm Otokar also tested an autonomous electric bus last month.

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