President Barrow visits hospitalised Faraba residents, condemned killing

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: First thing on Tuesday morning, President Adama Barrow visited the hospitalised Faraba Banta residents who were injured during clashed with the Police in their community on Monday.
The men are currently admitted at the country’s major teaching hospital in the Capital, Banjul.
The Monday incident sparked a wave of panic in the country which show a colossal destruction of property following the residents demand for explaination on how a construction company called Julakay acquired licence to conduct sand mining in their community. Two people were killed in the incidence by the Police Intervention Union (PIU) officers.
President Barrow condemned the killing, saying it is against everything that “we” fought for as a nation. He promised that his government would apply the full force of the law to ensure justice and accountability. “I assure that such will never be repeated under my watch.”
Junior Police Intervention Officers who were deployed to the scene havr also said they are disappointed in their commanders who ordered them to fire live bullets and now running away from the responsibility.
It is not yet confirmed who ordered the junior officers to fire live bullets of the civilians in Faraba but the presidency on Monday announced that investigation has begun to gather facts about what led to the clashes and who authorized the shooting.

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